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MINICAST: A Chat With Marian Call

The idea of "geeky music" has come a long way since that battle of the bands in Revenge Of The Nerds. Not only is Devo back and still relevant, but you've got groups like Anamanaguchi, who solely make 8-bit music.

And then you've got Marian Call, who's something else entirely: a geeky girl troubadour. Marian, a native and resident of Alaska, is the product of a musically-talented family, a certified Browncoat and currently, she's making her way around the country in a DIY 50-state tour, playing venues that vary from coffee bars to a gazebo in Oklahoma.

And in our first exclusive minicast, we present a conversation El Secreto had with Marian while she was recovering from a close encounter of the furry kind near Seattle. They also discussed geeky music, business sense, and Marian's upcoming appearances as both a panelist at San Diego Comic-Con and a performer at the big W00tstock show! Check it out
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