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MINICAST: A Chat With Marian Call

The idea of "geeky music" has come a long way since that battle of the bands in Revenge Of The Nerds. Not only is Devo back and still relevant, but you've got groups like Anamanaguchi, who solely make 8-bit music.

And then you've got Marian Call, who's something else entirely: a geeky girl troubadour. Marian, a native and resident of Alaska, is the product of a musically-talented family, a certified Browncoat and currently, she's making her way around the country in a DIY 50-state tour, playing venues that vary from coffee bars to a gazebo in Oklahoma.

And in our first Hour42.com exclusive minicast, we present a conversation El Secreto had with Marian while she was recovering from a close encounter of the furry kind near Seattle. They also discussed geeky music, business sense, and Marian's upcoming appearances as both a panelist at San Diego Comic-Con and a performer at the big W00tstock show! Check it out
@ MINICAST: A Chat With Marian Call


new live vids

On Marian's facebook, someone has posted some vids of Marian performing just the other day!

BTW, who here is planning (or not planning) to see Marian on her 49>50 tour...?

Auction bonuses

Marian posted on her twitter: Announcement: if you bid in my auction and did NOT win, I still have a digital thank you for you. Please contact @bird2brain for details!

(I guess if you can't contact @bird2brain, email her...?)

auctions end tomorrow

Just a reminder that Marian's eBay auctions end tomorrow (Friday). Remember that, even if you don't win, you'll get an "exclusive" MP3 (or something) again this time!

Another Marian Call fundraiser


This has a link to the shirts that she's selling, photos, chance for her to record a voicemail for you, etc. Also has details on what she'll be ebaying!! (The auctions are to start this Friday.) Again, everyone who bids on an auction will get an MP3 from her.

Marian tshirts & totes!

Marian's now got tshirts & tote bags available!

(I love too many for the too small amount of cash in my bank account!)

Tour of 50 states!

Marian just blogged about her upcoming tour, where she's planning to go to Canada AND all 50 states in the U.S! EXCITING!!!!!


7 icons!

Finally, more icons! Feel free to snag. Credit is nice. Comments are nice too!

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There's an article about the show this past wkend. Fun pics too, so be sure to check those out!