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Something Fierce!

You can now listen to Something Fierce online. If you preordered, you should have an email with a link & code to download the album.

I almost don't 'want to listen to the whole album right now. I almost want to dole out a few songs at a time so I can keep having NEW Marian music for longer! <3

New album!!!

Marian has written a long post about the new album. It's coming out Oct 1! This post includes the track listing, how to preorder (both in CD & digital format), AND has a link to hear a preview of 5 of the songs on the new album!!!

new song!

Marian has blogged about her recording (while touring!) a cover song of a TMBG song, "Hovering Sombero." Also gives the link to listen to it.

Go. Read. Listen. You know you want to.

New single & icons!!

Marian has released her first single from the soon-to-be-released, "Something Fierce" album. It's called, "Good Morning, Moon," and it's AWESOME.

I can't get it to embed on LJ, so you'll just have to click to listen (and/or buy):

Figured since we have a new album cover, it's time for some new icons!! Snag all you want! (Credit is nice, as are comments!)

Lyrics to "Got to Fly" album

Finally!! Marian has now posted the lyrics to the songs on Got to Fly. She says liner notes are coming too! :)


Jun. 3rd, 2011

Via Marian's twitter, she's asked, "Do me a solid please maybe? Visit http://facebook.com/mariancallmusic, at the top click "fix this," and report that it's the official page!"

Marian Call - fundraiser

Marian Call's blog talks about her current Spring fundraiser
It's not all ebay auctions, but here is a link to the ones that are.

(PS Is anyone still here?)
Marian Call's ThinkGeek concert is airing live right now on UStream!

(It'll prob be there after it's all over too.)
from Marian's twitter (tweeted from ComicCon):

Don't you pigeonhole me cuz my phaser's set to stun. http://yfrog.com/6zzrtj